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DOSEMENLER Leaf spring has focused on progress by the means of enhancing  unique technological improvement regarding friction materials beginning with its establishment in 1988 in Bigadiç and has moved to its new facilities in 2013.

DOSEMENLER Leaf spring, with facilities established on a plot of 20,000 square meters with a total covered area of 10,000 square meters, produces friction materials with the contribution of its genuine technology and specialist staff.


Keeping the innovation and creativity as main principles for development. To provide and keep the team work.


To response the customers' offers in time and to produce with no concession from our quality.


DOSEMENLER Leaf spring mainly focuses on leaf springs. The production of leaf spring is compatible with international standards and TS 582 regulations. 

ISO 9001  quality management systems are applied during production at Dosemenler. Highly concentrating on Research &Development, Dosemenler meets all laboratory requirements in order to be indorsed with an ISO/TS 16949 certificate.

DOSEMENLER Leaf springs are made from high quality 50CrV4 , 51CrMoV4 , 55Cr3 , etc. spring steel.The products and semi-products are controlled within every step of the production by systematic and efficient quality control methods,carefully tested for mechanic,matelurgical & metalographic and fatigue properties.

Internal testing capabilities are available including:

  • Load control fatigue testing

  • Digital Brinell hardness testing

  • Computerized load deflection analysis

  • Digital dimensional testing

Other testing capabilities (external):

  • Microstructure conformity analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Corrosion resistance testing

  • Tensile strength verification

  • Complete metallurgical analysis

  • Raw materials certification

  • Laser imaging for dimensional conformity