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Dosemenler Leaf Spring was established in Bigadiç in 1980 to produce leaf springs. It focused on progress by increasing technological developments and moved to its new facilities in Gaziosmanpaşa OSB in 2013.


Dosemenler Leaf Spring is a well-equipped facility built on a 10500 square meters closed and 20000 square meters  open area, with advanced design, processing and manufacturing capacity with the contribution of its unique technology and expert staff. With the investments made, the production capacity has been increased to 4284 tons/year. Döşemenler Otomotiv plans, follows and realizes its production from the system, taking into account the demands and needs of its customers.


Our company currently has 4 computer-aided, automated parabolic lines. In addition to parabolic leaf springs, it also produces air cushionleaf springs and conventional leaf springs. Today, our company mainly attaches importance to manufacturing for the automotive sector and produces springs for many land vehicles in this direction. In 2022, additional production halls and offices were commissioned. 

As of 2022, 70% of the production is realized for foreign markets and 30% for domestic markets.


To be a leading company that has adopted innovation and creativity as the main principle for development, and is trusted and preferred in international markets.


To improve our relations with our employees, customers and suppliers, to meet their expectations and to offer products without compromising our quality by continuously improving.


DOSEMENLER Leaf spring mainly focuses on leaf springs. The production of leaf spring is compatible with international standards and TS 582 regulations. 

ISO 9001  quality management systems are applied during production at Dosemenler. Highly concentrating on Research &Development, Dosemenler meets all laboratory requirements in order to be indorsed with an ISO/TS 16949 certificate.

DOSEMENLER Leaf springs are made from high quality 50CrV4 , 51CrMoV4 , 55Cr3 , etc. spring steel.The products and semi-products are controlled within every step of the production by systematic and efficient quality control methods,carefully tested for mechanic,matelurgical & metalographic and fatigue properties.

Internal testing capabilities are available including:

  • Load control fatigue testing

  • Digital Brinell hardness testing

  • Computerized load deflection analysis

  • Digital dimensional testing



Dosemenler Automotive as we are determined to continue to implement our quality management system, which we have established in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, by constantly increasing its effectiveness.


Our aim is to increase our exports and increase our market share by expanding our product range by ensuring the continuity of our customers' satisfaction and the quality of our products.



In line with our mission, and corporate values, we declare and undertake to serve as a pioneer and provide each and every resource necessary for:


  • To be a reliable and sought-after company with an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer in all processes and effectively manages customer feedback,


  • Compliance with customer and legal requirements,


  • To improve our quality level and safe working conditions with continuous improvement methods,


  • Making necessary investments to improve product quality,


  • Increasing our exports by creating a wider market in leaf springs,


  • To ensure that employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation are kept high with training programs that continuously support the development of our employees,


  • Identifying and evaluating our risks and ensuring that they are eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level,


  • To follow and apply technological developments closely to reduce our costs and increase our profitability,


  • Compliance with relevant national and international standards, internaland external legislation.

Other testing capabilities (external):

  • Microstructure conformity analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Corrosion resistance testing

  • Tensile strength verification

  • Complete metallurgical analysis

  • Raw materials certification

  • Laser imaging for dimensional conformity

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